I’ve chased a lot of crazy ideas over the last 15+ years.

Some of those ideas turned out better than I could have ever imagined. 

Others were colossal flops.

Here are some of my favorites︎︎︎

I built a 16 foot tall, 30 foot long cardboard Viking ship, filled it with the regrets of 21,000 strangers, and set it on fire.

I wrote a book about it, which you can check out here.

Jon Acuff called the book “[A] manifesto for the beauty of crazy ideas."

The project was also profiled in the documentary series Why Art,
which you can check out here ︎︎︎

I turned a tandem bicycle
into a centaur.

Pee-wee Herman tweeted about it.

I also made a video explaining how I did it ︎︎︎

I made a silly Christmas present for my dad,
then 68 million people watched a video about it.

When I posted the video, I had 17 followers.
25 hours later, I had 1 million.
Now I have 3 million+.
I still can’t really wrap my head around that. 

The original video has been viewed over 68 million times.