On December 14, 2019, I burned a 30-foot Viking ship full of over 20,000 regrets.

Regrets burned:



What's this all about?

I’m glad you asked.

A few years ago I decided that instead of having a birthday party to celebrate the beginning of a new decade, I’d have a funeral to mourn the death of the last one. I built a big cardboard Viking ship, put some big numbers in it, and set it on fire.

Some friends of mine made a video about it, and it got shared on a bunch of places online. Pretty soon I started getting emails from people all over the place, saying “Hey man, your Viking funeral inspired me to let go of some stuff from my own past. I just wish it would’ve involved setting a boat on fire like you did!”

And I thought, “Well, why not?” So I decided I’d do one more Viking funeral. But this one wouldn’t be about me. Instead, it would be an opportunity for anyone and everyone to lay to rest the parts of them that they wanted to put behind them: regrets, mistakes, heartaches, harmful beliefs about themselves or the world around them… anything that made them think “You know, that’s the person I used to be, but I’m not going to be that person anymore.”

After many ups and downs, the ship was finally ready. On December 14th, 2019, it went up in smoke, along with the regrets of over 20,000 people. Where it once stood, there is now an empty space. A blank canvas. An opportunity for new things.

And for each person who sent in their submission, I hope the same is true. Whatever space was occupied in their hearts and lives by the things they’ve sent in… now there is space for a fresh start.

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