I'm currently working on the biggest project of my life. . .

but I need your help to make it happen.

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How to Contribute:

Here’s how you can contribute to this project:

1. Go to any place that sells office supplies. Buy a pack of 4×6 white notecards. (SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT BUY 3×5 NOTECARDS, DO NOT BUY NOTECARDS WITH LINES, DO NOT BUY COLORFUL NOTECARDS. BUY 4×6 WHITE NOTECARDS). Here’s an example, but you don’t need to order them on Amazon. They’re available at any office supply store.

2. Using a writing implement with black ink (personally I prefer a Sharpie, but you do what you gotta do), write in the center of the card the thing or things that you’re letting go of. It can be a word, a phrase, a paragraph…it’s up to you. Don’t write your name on the card (we’re keeping this totally anonymous), and try not to write too close to the edge (because I’ll have to trim the cards a little to make them into scales, and I’d hate to cut off your writing).

3. Put your card (or cards… feel free to do more than one if you’d like! Or feel free to invite some friends over and make your cards together!) into an envelope and mail them to:

Viking Funeral
P.O. Box 16
Springfield, MO 65804

4. Sign up for the newsletter (in that little box directly below) so you can get the latest updates, see how the ship is coming along, and find out when we’re gonna burn this thing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the notecards have lines on one side?

A. No! What you’re looking for are 4×6 inch notecards that are blank on both sides. Here’s an example, but you don’t need to order them on Amazon. You can get them at any office supply store.

But yeah, don’t get the ones with lines. Don’t get 3×5 notecards either (those are the most common notecards). Get WHITE, 4×6, BLANK NOTECARDS.

Q. When will the ship be burned?

A. Before I can burn the ship, I have to finish the ship (obviously). Before I can finish the ship, I need roughly 10,000 people to send in their scales. That could take a few months, it could take a year… who knows?

Either way, it’s going to take awhile. The ship is ENORMOUS, and I’m working really hard to make it look good. The plan right now is for the project to take about a year, which would put the burning sometime in the summer of 2018. But I’m not nailing down anything until we get closer to the finish line.

Q. Can I come to the ship burning?

A. Maybe! Since I haven’t set a date or location yet, the details still haven’t been nailed down. I’m still not sure if this is going to be a public thing or a private (family/friends) thing. Either way, the whole thing will be recorded, and it’ll probably be livestreamed for those who can’t make it as well.

Q. Can I come see the ship as you’re building it?

A. Yes! Part of why I’m taking a year to build the ship is because I want people to be able to see it before it goes up in flames. I’ll be hosting several open-studio events throughout the year for people to be able to come check out the project. These will all be announced via the newsletter, so sign up above!

Q. Can I use this project in my classroom?

A. Um, ABSOLUTELY! This is a great project to help students work through letting go of past mistakes, looking towards the future, etc.

In fact, this project is great for all KINDS of groups. Classrooms, schools, companies, book clubs, really ANY group of people that is interested in putting the past behind them and looking forward to a better future.

Also, feel free to use the video to help explain the project! You don’t need to request permission or anything silly like that.

Q. How did you end up with P.O. Box 16?!

A. I have no idea! In a city with over 160,000 people, somehow I ended up with a double-digit post office box. What are the odds? Either way, I’m holding onto this until I die.