Kyle wrote the book on living better stories. Literally.

The problem with giving a 45 or 60-minute speech is this: there’s never enough time to say everything you want to say.

That’s why Kyle sat down and compiled all of his thoughts on living better stories, and put them into a book.
It’s called “We Put a Man on the Moon.”

Inside you’ll find out what it takes to live a better story. What can you expect when you try to live a better story? What challenges will you face? How will you overcome those challenges?

Additionally, you’ll find lots of great stories from Kyle’s own life, like the time he got kicked out of a Taco Bell for wearing a toga, or the time he prank-called the White House every day for six months…

Together, it’s the perfect balance of powerful content and laugh-out-loud humor. “We Put a Man on the Moon” is a great book for students, teachers, parents, and anyone else interested in living a better story.

Grab a copy for yourself!

“We Put a Man on the Moon” is available in print or Kindle edition on Amazon.

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Don’t take our word for it!

We’re not the only ones who think the book is great.
So do 35+ Amazon reviewers who have given the book a 5 star rating! 
Here’s what some of them had to say:
Engaging, funny, thought-provoking, and inspiring all at the same time. Kyle hits a home run with his quick wit and ridiculous stories. The positive message in this book is worth your time and is encouraging to anyone looking to tell a better story with their life..”


“Although the author is a motivational speaker for teenagers, I highly recommend this book to anyone of any age. The purpose of the book holds extremely true for anyone wanting to “get more” out of life.”


“Really enjoyed this book, which encourages readers to come up with their own story for their life – not live someone else’s. Through a mixture of humor and some serious introspection and plain speaking, the author helps us to see whether we are following our own adventures – and if not, why not. Highly recommended for young adults thinking about what they want to do with their lives, people considering a career change or going through a setback of some kind, or the retired wondering what they are going to do next. Many readers can benefit from Scheele’s ideas and his humor.”


Real world advice from one of the best youth speakers I have ever heard. It will make you question the use of your time and push you to start living the story that you need to be pursuing.


Once it was in my hands, I simply did not set the book down until I had read it cover to cover, all of its quirkiness and storytelling keeping me engaged and interested throughout. This was my first introduction to the perspective of life as a succession of stories, and truly it makes an impact. If nothing else, take a peek at the first bit of the book, but if you appreciate storytelling, you may not be able to put it down.


A good book is one where you can actually hear the author tell the stories or give the inspirational quotes as you read through the pages. This is one of those books. Kyle did a great job interjecting his stories while encouraging you to write one of your own.


“We all need to tell our true “story of our life” and Kyle Scheele makes sure to make the topic accessible as well as relevant for all ages. Although he is primarily a storyteller and motivational speaker for the teen and tween set, his message is universal, humorous and a gift for all readers.
As a high school educator, I plan to use his anecdotes in my classes to help prepare my students for the “real world.” You shall not regret checking it out.”


“I usually skim chapters looking for the point, or meat of a book. In “We Put A Man On The Moon” I slowed down to enjoy the stories. I liked Kyle’s writing style – while enjoying the humor and fun he brings, I found it easy and natural to apply what he was saying.”
If you could use a life coach or just a pep talk, this book is for you. Kyle points out that we don’t have to settle for living vicariously; we can accomplish more than we think.”


“This book is a terrific read. Kyle is able to make it personal for the reader by sharing insight gained from his own personal stories. This writing style makes it easy to read through quickly, but not miss out on the key points he is wanting to drive home…From student to working professional, you cannot walk away from reading it without being encouraged on some level.”