Wild Explorers Club

Ben Arment and I have been friends for several years, and we’ve spent most of that time trying to find the perfect project to collaborate on.

One day, Ben called to tell me about a new program he was putting together with his wife. “It’s called the Wild Explorers Club, and it’s an online adventure club for kids.” he explained. “Kids will log in each week to get a new assignment that will teach them about nature, adventure, and exploring the world around them.”

“Sounds cool!” I said. He said “Great! I want you to be the host. And I want you to build a cardboard log cabin to shoot the videos in.”

Several weeks later, the set was done! And a year after that, I’d shot nearly 100 videos for the program. Now every week, hundreds and hundreds of kids around the world get to see my silly creation. That’s pretty cool.