Testing out some of the lights.

The Astronaut Head

This was a super fun project, and as usual I way underestimated how long it would take. Haha!

My friends over at Culture Flock Clothing Co. asked if I would build a big cardboard piece for the second-annual Queen City Craft Show. I asked what they had in mind, and they said “Whatever you want!” (Side note: this is an awesome creative brief).

Their theme was sorta space-related, so I decided to build an enormous astronaut bust. Inside the head I put an enormous rotating wheel that spelled out “Queen City Craft Show.”

This was the first project where I’ve used cardboard, motors, and lights all in one piece. It was super fun, and I loved watching people of all ages interact with the piece during the show.

Fun fact: I didn’t really know what to put on the front of the astronaut’s uniform, but I wanted it to be fun, so I just added a whole bunch of random stuff. There was an ACME miniature skate park, a barber pole, a moving light switch, and even a giant boom box which actually opened. “What tape was inside?” you ask? Why, the Space Jam soundtrack, of course.