My first book, ´╗┐A Pizza With Everything On It, was published by Chronicle Books in April of 2021. It is the story of a father and son who set out to make (you guessed it) a pizza with everything on it. Unfortunately, the son literally wants everything on the pizza, and the pizza ends up collapsing in on itself, forming a black hole, and destroying the universe.

Amazon called the book one of The Best Children's Books of 2021 So Far, Booklist called it "a savory screwball romp" (and gave it a starred review!), and School Library Journal called it "deliciously absurd". Personally, I found the book to taste like paper and cardboard, but to each their own.

A Pizza With Everything On It is available wherever books are sold, but if you want to support a cool indie bookstore, I highly recommend buying it from Pagination Bookshop


My next book, How to Host A Viking Funeral, comes out February 2022 from HarperOne.


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