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Kyle Scheele helps teenagers tell better stories with their lives.

Kyle Scheele is a professional youth speaker, amateur beard grower, and full-time adventurous life-liver.

But Kyle isn’t like any speaker you’ve seen before. Rather than lecturing students with a list of what NOT to do, Kyle shows students how their lives will be defined by the things they DO: the actions they take, the people they help, and the lives that they change.

Through side-splitting humor and personal stories from his own life, Kyle shows students how to overcome the difficulties in their lives in order to tell amazing, incredible, world-changing stories.

Clients include:

  • “Kyle was one of the most creative and enthusiastic speakers we’ve ever had. He hosted one of our largest events of the year and not only kept the students engaged the entire time, but kept them laughing! To this day they still talk about his act.”

    Jamie Bell – Director, WCR Student Center
  • “Kyle exceeded all of my requirements and expectations of a positive motivational speaker. He presented an entertaining and attention grabbing message that was perfect for these youth. He used tasteful humor, and the entire camp was quoting his jokes the rest of the camp. Kyle was not only a great presenter but super easy to work with and very low maintenance before during and after the presentation.”

    Amanda Herlinger – KS National Guard Teen Camp Director
  • “The kids really seemed to take Kyle’s message to heart. He received all “good” and “excellent” ratings from the students that attended.”

    Chellie Phillips – AL Co-Op Youth Camp Director
  • “Kyle was a blast to work with. He took the time to dialogue with us BEFORE the event, so he knew exactly what we needed from him. He showed up early to make sure everything was ready, and stayed late talking to students after the event. He’s the real deal.

    Ryan Smith – Event Planner/Host
  • Kyle Scheele was an excellent speaker, and set a fantastic for the 2013 Wisconsin FFA State Convention.  We had a great response to his message: both the students and advisors had very positive feedback on his presentations. Kyle is sincere and genuine.  He was wonderful to work with, flexible to our needs, and worked well with our state officer team and staff. I would definitely recommend Kyle as a speaker for other youth organizations.  

    Cheryl Zimmerman – Wisconsin FFA Executive Director
  • “Kyle was dynamic and really held the attention of our students. On one of our conference evaluation forms, a student added the number 1,000,000 next to Kyle’s name (on a scale of 1 to 5) and circled it! I guess that means Kyle is one in a million!

    Terry D’Imperio – NYCLSA Executive Board Member
  • “First let me say – 'Book him' – he was everything that was advertised. It’s not easy to hold the attention of 8,500+ students and guests in an arena, but Kyle had our members from the moment he stepped on the stage."

  • “Sometimes I feel as though speakers fly in, collect their check, and fly out. That was not the case with Kyle. He was in the room long before speaking, listened to the opening session prior to his presentation, and used some of that information to build his connection with the students. He even arrived early enough to have dinner with our state officer team!”

    Barb Frates – WY FBLA State Chairperson
  • “The students and adults of GASC thoroughly enjoyed all that Kyle had to offer in his keynote and workshops. Kyle is a wonderful speaker and I would highly recommend him to other organizations.”

    Laura Droms – Georgia Student Council Executive Director

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