Hi! I'm Kyle.

I am an artist, author, inventor, speaker, welder, animator, storyteller, and professional internet goofball.

I enjoy making things that live at the intersection of humor and heart. I REALLY like making things with other people - like singing Don’t Stop Believing with 37,000 friends or putting on a fake marathon with 34,477 internet strangers or having a Viking funeral for the regrets of 20,000+ people. My projects have been featured in the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, WIRED, FastCompany, and more.

I’ve had the privilege of working with brands like Kum & Go, Red BullKentucky Fried Chicken, Casper, and the Springfield, Missouri Landfill.

When I’m not working on one of my projects, I can often be found giving a keynote somewhere. I enjoy speaking on the topics of kindness, creativity, and the ways in which life is like a grilled cheese sandwich. Over the last 11+ years I’ve spoken to over 350,000 audience members in 49 states.

You can hire me to speak here.

Kyle Scheele


I’ve been interviewed on a bunch of podcasts over the years, mostly because I have a lot of free time and enjoy the sound of my own voice. If you also enjoy the sound of my voice, here are a few links for your listening pleasure:

Creative Pep Talk - Episode 315
This was a fun one. Andy and I did a deep dive into the story of how our book came to be, from inception to publication.
Lots of good nuggets in here. (I was also on an earlier episode: Creative Pep Talk // Episode 162)

Rainy Day Diaries // Episode 47
Jenipher Lyn and I discussed cardboarding, speaking, and finding your own learning style.
We also get into an argument about whether or not introverts and extroverts are real.

The SpeakerLab // Episode 347

Grant and I talk about unexpected TikTok virality, my first kids book, and how my speaking business changed during Covid. 
(I was also on an earlier episode: The SpeakerLab // Episode 102)

Create Podcast // Episode 90
Jason and I talked about where ideas come from, how I make mine happen, and more.
(I was also on an earlier episode: Create Podcast // Episode 33)

Podcasting One-Handed // Episode 6
I have no idea what I said on this podcast because it was a long time ago,
but Ryan is a good friend and we always laugh a lot together so I’m sure it was good.


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